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How a 1064nm handheld Raman Spectrometer can help you meet cGMP requirements, comply with regulations and avoid a 483

As cGMP requirements, FDA, EP, and USP guidelines and regulations continue to expand, what can manufacturers of dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products do to ensure they remain ahead of requirements?As the Senior Applications Scientist for Rigaku Analytical Devices, I am responsible for monitoring regulatory updates so that I can help our users meet and stay[…]

Scrap Metal Sorting QuickID Katana handheld LIBS Rigaku Analytical Devices

Fit-for-Purpose Aluminum Analyzer

Until now, the metals’ industry did not have an ideal method to easily and accurately identify aluminum (Al) grades.  Users had aluminum analyzer options from really two different ends of the spectrum. The first option – a large, bench-top system that provides accurate analysis, but is really intended for a scientists’ use. The second option[…]

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Developing for Durability

Bringing lab-quality analytical instrumentation to industries that operate in extreme settings is not an easy task.  That was the challenge we met when developing Progeny ResQ handheld Raman for the safety & security market.  Not only can the environments be unpredictable, but users are typically accustomed to extremely ruggedized equipment and tools that can withstand[…]

Rigaku Analytical Devices Global Business Development Manager for Safety and Security, Nancy Otto.

Introducing 4C Mode for Progeny ResQ

Progeny ResQ 4C Introduction at 2016 International HazmatThe introduction of the new 4C technology for Progeny ResQ handheld Raman chemical threat identification system at the International Hazardous Materials Response Teams Conference was almost as exciting as the launch of Progeny ResQ last year. The response over 4C both at the conference and from the industry as[…]

David Mercuro General Manager Rigaku Analytical Devices

Exhibiting at ISRI 2016 for the first time

Anyone in the scrap metal recycling business knows about the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industry’s (ISRI) annual convention and exposition. Demonstrating KT-100 Katana handheld LIBS as a first time exhibitor at ISRI 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada this week is exciting for Rigaku. Equally exciting is KT-100’s United States Military Standard MIL-STD-810G and IP-54 rating[…]

Honored visit from Congressman Seth Moulton

On August 20, 2015 we were honored by a visit from congressman Seth Moulton. Congressman Moulton represents the 6th District of Massachusetts, and is a member of the House Armed Services Committee, the House Committee on the Budget, and the House Committee on Small Business. Congressman Moulton earned a Bachelor of Science in Physics and[…]

Do you face pharma RMID regulatory challenges?

Last September, I was invited by European Pharmaceutical Review to participate on a handheld Raman panel along with other thought leaders from this industry. One question in particular resonates with me because I am frequently asked about regulatory compliance by those considering implementation of handheld Raman into their pharmaceutical manufacturing workflow. After you consider the[…]

The humbling value of new user feedback

“Every person that you meet knows something you don’t; learn from them.” -H. Jackson Brown Jr. In it’s most basic form, a usable product is something that enables a person to intuitively solve a problem using some sort of technology. The technology can be very basic (like a letter opener), or something much more sophisticated.[…]

We’ve moved to a great new location!

At Rigaku Raman Technologies, we pride ourselves on striving for and delivering on our commitment to high quality products and service. We will continue endeavoring to be as responsiveness as possible to both our customers’ and the markets’ changing needs. In that vein, we are proud to announce a big step forward for our organization.[…]

How Am I Going to Analyze This?

Sample analysis through bottles is really quite easy. For various reasons, samples need to remain in their original packaging. Pharmaceutical manufacturers may be dealing with materials that are sterile, susceptible to light, and/or susceptible to air exposure and therefore must remain in sealed dark colored bottles. Hazmat first responders may uncover a suspicious material inside[…]

Revolutionize Raw Material Identification

Are you able to ensure incoming raw materials are correct on your loading dock? Can you accurately distinguish between authentic and counterfeit products in the field? What if you could perform comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analysis through packaging? Is the technology used in your current process too complicated and cumbersome for your personnel to learn[…]


When you think of analytical instrument companies, what are your initial impressions? Like those who interact with vendors, thoughts of sales people, purchasing hurdles, training and implementation often come to mind. Just how well do you really know your instrument supplier? My name is Bree Allen, and I am the Vice President & General Manager[…]